Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Malory tour and new album

Germany's finest shoegazing band Malory will be back with a tour in October and a new 7" Single in November and an album in January 2010 on Club AC30. The album is entitled "Pearl Diver" and the tracklisting looks like this:
1. Floating
2. The Signs
3. Caché
4. Water In My Hands
5. Pearl Diver
6. Back To The Point (I've Started From)
7. Dragon In You
8. Secret Love
9. Tornado
10. Ajar Door (Live Version)
11. Sarah

The tour dates look like those:
14. Oct. 2009, Bang Bang Club, Berlin
16. Oct. 2009, Gloria, Regensburg, Bayern
17. Oct. 2009, AZ Conni, Dresden, Sachsen
18. Oct. 2009, Grüner Jäger, Sankt Pauli, Hamburg
20. Oct. 2009, The Louisiana, Bristol, Southwest
21. Oct. 2009, Queen of Hoxton, London and South East
22. Oct. 2009, Upstairs at the Garage, London and South East

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