Monday, September 14, 2009

Fleeting Joys are back with a new album

Fleeting Joys are the rebirth of My Bloody Valentine. How long have I waited for this album? 12 tracks, including two bonus tracks unavailable on the Japanese release! "Occult Radiance" is Fleeting Joys' follow-up to their fantastic debut album "Despondent Transponder" which was touted as "Loveless II" on blogs and fanzines around the world. Swirling guitars, layers of noise, drugged out soft male and female vocals going back and forth sounding like part love, part death, part hope, part if they've turned their instruments into liquid and poured them into your ears.
Click here to get a preview of the album.
And this is the video of "The Breakup" taken from their (now deleted) debut album "Despondent Transponder."

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