Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cecil Vyses

Cecil Vyses came to my ears today (thank you Christian). I'm not fond of most of the German bands, but these folks are an exception that proves the rule.
Based in the Bonn / Cologne area, Tobias Haumann, Sascha Becker, the Shut, Andree Oehm and Philipe Sufryd are Cecil Vyses. If you hear their music, you'll know their love for classic bands like The Smiths, Suede, Billy Bragg, The Housemartins, and ... Busch.
The band was named after a daft character in a novel, but I don't know which novel, neither who has written it. Anybody who can help?


  1. Cecil Vyse...Zimmer mit Ausblick ( Room with a view ) von E.M. Forster :)

  2. great Band! I saw their first gig last friday! Great, hope they will release a cd or downloads soon!